Elettrical Division

The electrical division is structured in several application areas allowing us to operate on different plant aspects; this also allows us to design and implement both orders of a limited size and more complex processes that require transversal skills.

Electro-instrumental Systems

Based on the Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), Cattaneo Impianti is able to define with the client the most suitable process instrumentation according to the chemical / physical characteristics of the product to be controlled.

Electrical Installations

Availing itself of registered developers, Cattaneo Impianti creates plants in the high, medium and low voltages including in places exposed to the danger of explosion, special systems and systems protecting from atmospheric discharges. The supply and installation of power centres, general distribution switchboards and department sub-panels complete the offer.

Technological systems

Cattaneo Impianti designs and installs special technological systems, in particular:

  • Smoke detection;
  • Structured cabling systems (data networks);
  • Fiber optic connections;
  • Rack cabinets;
  • Networking;
  • Wireless systems;
  • Multimedia audio / video systems and sound systems;
  • Alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems.