Mechanical Division

The mechanical division allows us to offer solutions with a broad application spectrum, characterized by a consolidated know-how entrusted to our specialists and dedicated professionals. Starting from the design to the realization, our Project Managers will follow each detail of the work with stringent accuracy, managing with passion every order entrusted to us by small, medium or large companies.

Thermo-technical systems

Cattaneo Impianti manufactures thermo-technical plants both based on customer projects and based on internal design, and namely:

  • Technological plants: thermal and thermo-refrigerated plants, steam and thermal power plants, district heating substations;
  • Air conditioning and heating systems: hydronic systems, direct expansion and variable refrigerant volume (VRV), air systems (all-air and mixed-air systems);
  • Fire-fighting systems: (hydrant networks, sprinklers, foam systems);
  • Gas networks.

Processing plants

Cattaneo Impianti designs and builds plants for industrial processes, production plants, pilot plants and reconditioning. It provides assistance to the customer for the selection and purchase of instrumentation and / or equipment. It produces piping lines for the distribution of process fluids, heat transfer fluids, compressed air, pneumatic, and suction systems. It also realizes sanitary piping according to GMP and FDA prescriptions (automatic or manual welding). It realizes plants according to the PED Directive: Cattaneo Impianti is able to realize new plants or to test systems and / or pressure equipment for the purposes of their certification according to module G. A consolidated collaboration with notified bodies and accredited laboratories allows us to provide support and solutions to customers for certification according to the new European PED Directive 2014/68 / EU.

HVAC systems

Realization of systems for the treatment of air in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, realizing plants according to specific customer needs: selection and supply of machinery, air ducts (in the various classes of sealing), piping for the system and for insulation.


Our team of engineers supports the customer's needs to comply with mandatory updates of machinery: adjustments to the machine and related safety devices, operating manuals and lock-out and tag-out procedures.

The service is not limited to technical analysis alone, but also extends to both partial and substantial modifications of the machinery: mechanical and electrical modifications of the production lines, guaranteeing, at the end of the work, the re-certification according to the regulations in force and CE marking, if required.