"Turnkey" Division

Multidisciplinarity and specialization are the foundations for being able to propose a "turnkey" approach that allows the customer to have a single point of contact for highly complex projects with Cattaneo Impianti.


Cattaneo Impianti has always taken care of two fundamental aspects within its offer: the first is the ability to present itself in application sectors with a wide implementation spectrum; the second is the enhancing of specialist needs required by specific application areas. This type of approach makes it possible to be the single supplier in highly complex projects, which require multidisciplinary skills and, on the other hand, highly specialized skills, thus engendering a real "Turnkey" Division.

"Turnkey" projects

"Turnkey" projects contain two fundamental and specific aspects that are native to Cattaneo Impianti:

  • its design and implementation know-how;
  • its specific coordination and control capacities.

Projects of high complexity that require different professional skills, supplies and third-party interventions can be managed by supporting the Customer in all the phases of planning, selection and verification.


The management skills that Cattaneo Impianti has acquired throughout its experience, also by specifically forming the resources within the company for this purpose, offer the Customer the possibility of managing projects and works of high complexity, assuming a direct supply role for the project, but also coordinating companies and third-party suppliers with complementary skills, managing them and integrating them optimally in the workflow. This role requires a management mindset that supports the customer and shares his terms and objectives.